Left vs Right NZ Dilemma

Ideology vs Dreamers
Ideology vs Dreamers

Today is the NZ General Election

and I can't publish this till 7pm

The government in New Zealand has been National for the last 9 years, so it's totally understandable for 18-30 year olds to be disenchanted with what they feel, generally, is not good enough. They can't afford a house in Auckland, their friends are committing suicide, apparently, and traffic is bad. They were only aged 9-21 years old when Labour was last in power. 

They have nothing to compare it to.

Yet they feel status quo is not good enough. 

When I was a kid

My Dad bought a house in Glenfield (Auckland) for $4000 when I was about 6 years old. He was a bank manager. He'd worked hard at school and worked up to manager from teller since the age of 17. He was 21 when I was born, I wasn't planned, Mum & Dad got married, and he got two jobs.


When I was 15 years old, he started a business and took out a business loan (on top of his mortgage) when interest rates were 25%.


Mortgage rates were as high as 33%.

Did I grow up feeling like I'd missed out or ripped off by their generation?

Nope. I learnt to work hard. 


Seems hard to believe anyone got ahead back then.

So - now that I have levelled the playing field on "fair" lets go back 9 years.... to a time when Gen Y don't remember what effect a Labour Government had on them.


Here's what Google says: 

It was 2008 and the Global Financial crisis was about to hit. University graduates were not finding jobs, so young people were finding it hard to get employment. 

Mortgage interest rates were around 7-8%

Average house prices and wages were lower than they are now. House prices were still rising though. Even then. 

The then GFC hit

Mortgagee sales were happening every weekend. People lost their houses as the bank tightened up lending people lost their jobs and could not afford to pay the mortgage. Businesses were closing, unless they were really strong, and financial institutions were sinking - along with kiwis savings. Thank god we had an experienced and clever government to get us through those years - or NZ would have been alot harder hit - like everywhere else in the world was.  


I send young kiwis overseas on working holidays and suddenly the market froze up - employers were cutting back and jobs were no longer easy to find - in NZ or overseas. The days of heading to the UK on your OE and taking your pick of jobs was over. 

Why don't Gen Y remember?

They were either too young - who cares when you're 9  - that's Mum & Dads problem.

And in reality when you're 21 it's also Mum and Dads problem - until you try and get a job. 

Yep it's hard to buy a house in Auckland now. Boo bloody hoo.

Move somewhere else in NZ if you really want a house.

Or buy a rental there so you'll have something later.  

Why should everyone own a house?


Why should one kiwi who has worked hard at school, worked two jobs, often part time after school, saved, and controlled personal debt - then have to subsidise another who bunked off at school or spent time bullying others, and never got a after school job??


What happened to the motto where you work hard to succeed?


No one handed me anything on a plate.  I was never given any money by my parents to start my business, to study or to pay off my debt of my first failed fashion design business. 


I paid for my own university, did it part time while working full time. 

I started my own business without any  capital, while working full time.

I worked all night on my business and then showed up to my job!

I know countless kiwis who have done the same. 

From nothing to something.


That's what I love about America - they have a work hard and succeed culture, and they don't resent success like 35% of kiwis seem to. They get paid retainers and earn tips and commissions depending on how hard they work. 


Yet the Labour supporters and the Greens think it's ok to defraud the system and claim benefit you're not due! And that it's ok to take from all those "rich pricks" (i.e. anyone that's worked hard and done well) and hand it out freely to those who can't even look after their own kids as they are too busy watching tv and smoking away the family benefit funds while the kids play alone and neglected. 


Yes the poor unemployed and sick - need our help. No one is denying that. 


Yep - they think the fairy dust is better than what we have now.

Well... if and when Labour get into power in NZ - just look out is all I can say. It'll be interesting to see how the Gen Y's and other Labour supporters think once interest rates and taxes hike, yet nothing else really changes apart from less jobs for young people.?





Business is what makes the world go round people.

  • I hate corporate cheats as much as the next person - but Mum and Dad businesses, farmers and small businesses, as well as well run large business is what makes NZ tick.
  • Business supplies JOBS!
  • Jobs give people money in the form of wages. 
  • People spend money in businesses to support the locals. 

News flash!

Have National really done that badly?

On the contrary

A good economy should not be taken for granted. Many in the world don't have one.


Even Australia is free-falling.


A good economy doesn't mean businesses get rich and poor people suffer more!

No government wants the vulnerable to not be taken care of.

But the Media Party love to show the families they find who have 6 children (the word choice comes to mind) and can't afford a 6 bedroom house.

They never show the family who has done better for themselves, or the ones who have been helped by government (or themselves). 


The financial system in USA is stuffed - I'll agree with that - they learnt nothing from the GFC, and changed nothing - even Obama, changed nothing to stop it happening again - and it will.  


A good economy keeps our credit rating high, which means banks pay less to borrow money from overseas, and that keeps our mortgage interest rates low (in a nutshell). A good economy keep business confidence high - which in turn means business hires more staff, expands, and needs more staff. Business confidence means anyone gets a chance to start up their own business if they want to - and have a chance to succeed with consumers spending money. 


Anyone should aspire for more success - not fuelled by money but by doing well, in school, at work, in business. This tall poppy syndrome really needs to stop. 



Look out NZ! Don't embarrass yourselves today - the world is watching.

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